Hi! I'm Lora!

I am a yoga teacher and studio owner, a wellbeing mentor, coach and influencer who looks to the positives in life. I thrive as a natural up lifter and encourager and am blessed that I get to use these gifts, along with my wellbeing tools, to support others! 

The story of how I came to be who I am today is probably not very different from your own. There are playful memories, a-ha moments, heartaches, hardships, celebrations, re-evaluations, re-inventions of self, new beginnings, good-bye’s and delicious hello’s.
We all have life experiences that stand out as defining moments that make up who we are. The moments themselves don’t define us. We define ourselves by how we choose to move through them and who we decide to be because of them.

In my late 20’s a friend introduced me to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. When I think about who I am today, this is the moment I refer to as ‘where it all started’. My first defining moment.

I became more aware of the connection between my thoughts and my feelings, and the connection between my feelings and how my life unfolded. I learned that the most important relationship I will ever have is the relationship I have with myself. 

I truly began to nurture that relationship on my 30th birthday when I decided, “From now on I’m going to make choices that feel best to me”. And I have been living my life this way ever since. It makes me smile whenever I think back to these times, and how things have always worked out for me. 

Within a few years of practicing my new found mindset and wellbeing tools, I noticed how it became easier and easier to live my life this way. The way I looked at life, on a daily basis, had changed for the better. 

I am beyond grateful that these tools, that this way of being, came to me when they did. Little did I know I was about to put them into practice more than I ever had before.

Enter defining moment number two…

After a life changing 5 week trip to Australia, I returned home to find that my younger sister and only sibling Andrea had been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30. Even with a double mastectomy, chemo and radiation therapy, the cancer found its way to Andrea’s brain and spinal fluid. After her courageous 14 month journey through illness, Andrea passed away peacefully. 

She was an amazing woman, a cherished daughter, a loving wife and mother of 2 little boys (who are the lights of my life!), an adored grade school teacher and my best friend.    
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"When I spoke at my sister’s funeral, I emphasized how important it is to embrace and enjoy life. 'We’ve all heard the saying ‘live, love, laugh.' Now turn it around… Because when you are laughing and loving you truly are living. And that’s what my sister’s life—what all of our lives—are about. Living.” 
~ excerpt from my published story Laugh, Love, Live in the book 
Empowering Transformations for Women 
Even in my heartbreak I was able to find peace and beauty. It was because of this life experience that I realized the true power and benefit of what I had been practicing. 

In the months after Andrea’s death I understood even more that my ability to focus on better feeling thoughts was not something that came naturally to everyone. I decided I wanted to help others strengthen the relationship with their inner self so that they too can experience emotional relief and emotional empowerment, whatever that may mean for them.

I became a certified life coach (defining moment number three) and decided to create a niche for my business. I had recently started a yoga practice and thought how great it would be to coach yoga teachers and studio owners how to be in business from a place of alignment. That’s when I decided to take the yoga teacher training course myself, so that I could fully understand the market I planned on working with. Little did I know that I would love teaching yoga, and how many similarities there were between how I could support people through yoga as with coaching. (This is when I really began to realize I was building my wellbeing support tool box.) 

Throughout the 18 months after yoga teacher training I was blessed to teach at several different local yoga studios. And then the opportunity to open my own studio fell into my lap. It was not something I was looking for, or even thought I was interested in. But when I was presented with the idea it felt right. That’s when Yoga with Lora was born.

During the weeks of preparing my new business I had a ‘who are you to open a studio?!’ moment of self-doubt mind chatter. When I quieted and focused on my inner voice rather than the mental chatter I realized that this opportunity was about so much more than yoga alone. It would be the start of where I build, nurture and grow my wellbeing community. The place where, through workshops and retreats, I offer the wellbeing support tools I had learned. Where all of my visions and passions and dreams (so far) come together and I serve people more fully. This inner dialogue, this affirmation of purpose and perfect unfolding, was truly powerful and is my fourth defining moment. 
Over the next few years I used my wellbeing tools to navigate through challenges big and small. I continued to use experiences to help me fine tune who I was, and how I wanted my life to be. My choices and my actions reflected what felt best to me moment to moment. There was so much goodness, joy and appreciation in my life. I have no doubt that things were the way they were because of the energetic vibration I was in more often than not. My ability to be aware of my thoughts and feelings and to deliberately shift my focus to feel as good as I can in any moment, was very evident based on what was happening in my life.

While in the thick of excitedly planning our wedding ceremony and party, my fifth defining moment came to be. (My hubby Dave is an amazing human being and we are the absolute best team!) 
When the defining moment came my life was really, really good. When it came, my inner being knew it was not a bad thing. When it came, and I sat with my inner being quietly, I knew it was another opportunity for me to use my way of living to help me maintain my positive perspective and continue to honour my relationship with my inner self. And this defining moment gave me the chance to practice in a way I had never practiced before. 

In May of 2019 I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. (My mother always said I was a pain in the ass. Lol!)

(For all of the details, with a heavy dose of inspiration and humour, visit the link at the bottom of this page. You'll learn all about my ‘Adventures with Marty’.)

This defining moment helped me to strengthen my positive perspective ‘muscle’ even more than I ever had. There was no doubt to me that this was a huge gift that I could then add to my life experience ‘resume’ and in turn support even more people in an even fuller way.

I became inspired to expand my business to match the evolved person I had become. This version of my business had been a vision within me for many years. And now I felt I had what I needed to really step into it fully. This shift included creating new wellbeing products and services, having a bigger online presence, and operating the business under the branding of Lora Colautti and Wellbeing with Lora. (Yoga with Lora continues to be a service offered under the full business.)

My life has been filled with amazing defining moments so far. Because of the tools I have, the outlook I have and the way I live my life, I know that even the challenges are gifts. (Often times especially the challenges!) 

For the past 15+ years, through life’s challenging day to day moments, through the illness and passing of my sister, and even during my own health diagnosis and treatments, I have been able to maintain a connection to what is right for me, to maintain a positive perspective more often than not, and to feel emotionally empowered rather than simply reacting to what is.

I have no doubt that I can show you how to do the same, no matter what your defining moment or challenge is. This is what I am here, on this planet, in this life, to do. 

And I truly believe that now is your time. It’s your time to feel emotionally empowered. It’s your time to have a positive perspective on life. It’s your time to honour your inner voice and tend to your relationship with you.

Remember, your defining moments don’t define you. You define yourself by how you choose to move through them and who you decide to be because of them. And I am here to help.
"One day you will tell your story of how you've overcome what you're going through now, and it will become part of someone else's survival guide." 
- Unknown